Shutting down

Straight to the point. I really don’t think I have much more to say on this blog.

I’m not going to delete it completely, but I don’t intend to maintain it anymore. To remove the burden, I will just move the content back to WordPress.com, and let it stay there. I don’t think the images will survive the moving process as they are scattered all over the place. Some are in the wordpresss database, some are linked externally, and some are just stored elsewhere on my own server. Some of them will probably disappear as I start to clean things up.

The new URL will be (as it used to be a couple of years back) https://lentic.wordpress.com/, but don’t bother putting it in you feed reader, it’s just kept for reference.


What's up

It’s been a while now.

As you may already know, I have made a transition to my Norwegian blog (http://speilbildet.no), but there are other things happening as well.

My son is getting older every day. He’s closing in on 7 months now, and he has already started to stand up, supporting himself on tables or anything I can get a hold on. He has even started to take a couple of steps while pushing a box in front of him. Needless to say there are intense and fun times right now.

In addition to that, I started in my new job 4 weeks ago. I have more fun at work than ever before, and I’m excited to go to work every morning now. One side effect of this is that I am more spend in the evening, resulting in less photography at the moment. I guess I will find time for more photography when the dust settles.


Straws in a lake

A fairly new one shot with my Pentax K-7 and the DA70mm Ltd.


Do you hate Flash? Here's a solution

If you’re a Mac and Safari user, you can download the ClickToFlash plugin and block all flash content. Ok, you may say, how about just not installing Flash in the first place? That’s of course effective, but there are some good pages made using Flash you may want to see. This plugin replaces all the Flash content with grey boxes with a “Flash” label in them. If you click on the label, the content is played. You can also add a whitelist of pages that are allowed to play Flash as usual.

If you use YouTube, this plugin also gives you the choice of viewing the videos in high quality H264, HD format instead of the crappy default format (which is flash based).

You can also read more at AppleInsider.


The old posts still attract some traffic

It’s a reoccurring trend that whenever I don’t post here for a long while, the traffic on my blog starts to pick up. My theory is that when there has been a long time, you start to think that something great is about to show up, but when I post something you discover it is only the same old, and the traffic drops back to normal.

I can live with that.

I got another comment to my “Fixing a broken LightRoom catalog” post. It is good to see that someone actually find some of the information useful.


An image from the archive

Just a shot I rediscovered while cleaning up the archive.


Fire in the sky

Just an image to prove that I’m still here.

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