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Great shot from

just now I browsed through the latest gallery update on photoblogography, and when I continued on to the older pictures, I found this one.

That picture really got to me. The nice smooth curve gives an almost sensual feeling. Adding the perspective, I also get a feeling of acceleration towards the vanishing point at the top of the frame. The lines in the stone that are actually converging (regardless of the viewpoint), strengthen the motion inwards into the picture. The small stones in the left calms the image down a bit. The closest one gives the eye a resting point, while the furthest strengthen the perspective.
Even if it is a color image, it is almost entirely monochrome by nature, which I am a great fan of. The only certain clue is in the line with the rust colored spots.


Image gallery update

just added a new street photography gallery. It contains some of the shots I have made as part of my “Getting over shyness” program.

You’ll find the gallery here.


This one is my own favorite in this gallery.


What’s going on at the online photographer

The Online Photographer blog is by many considered to be The photo blog to read. Several thousand pros and amateurs read it every day, and it receives tons of comments. In other words a very successful blog.

Why on earth is he reposting old posts these days. Oh, he writes some new as well, but several posts lately is just old ones that are moved to the top. And then there is those print offers of photos he found in the museum archives.

I’m starting to lose interest in that blog, but I’ll give a couple of more months.


Loved this one

Followed a link from Paul Butzi to
this blog post
. Reading through the comments, I found this citation, which I recite here.

“Some photographers think the idea is enough. I told a good story in my Getty talk, a beautiful story, to the point: Ducasse says to his friend Mallarmé — I think this is a true story — he says, “You know, I’ve got a lot of good ideas for poems, but the poems are never very good.” Mallarmé says, “Of course, you don’t make poems out of ideas, you make poems out of words.” Really good, huh? Really true. So, photographers who aren’t so good think that you make photographs out of ideas. And they generally get only about halfway to the photograph and think that they’re done….



We had a discussion during dinner today that made me do some thinking about being tolerant towards other people.


Even more gallery updates

Added two more pictures to my gallery section today.
Have a look here and here.


Starting to appear on Google

This site replaced an old Norwegian site that I tried to put up about a year ago. The old site was well indexed, but didn’t contain anything interesting. The problem is that when you suddenly change all your content, change language and layout, google gets a little cranky. Even if it’s crawling your new site several times a day, it’s really cautious. No new index entries until we are completely sure that this is the genuine thing. MSN and all the other search engines was much more trusty. Entries came up after a couple of days.

Well, today, as a little x-mas present, google started to add my new pages to its index.

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