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Epson R2400 ink cost

When I bought my Epson R2400, I started to track the ink usage. The intention was to write a small article about it, but I forgot. Well, until the subject came up in this thread on the Online Photographer. I finished my little article, which should give you an indication on the ink usage for that printer.


Tuesday night swing dance

I was dj’ing last night at the Tuesday night swing in Oslo, and I must say the crowd was crazy.
It was the first night of the season with beginners classes, and there were quite a few of the beginners down there as well. I’ll estimate it to around 60-70 dancers, which is very good for the Oslo scene.

If you’re interested in the playlist, you’ll find it here


New gallery section

Sat down and processed a small batch of images tonight, all are now in my new abstract section.

I enjoy these pictures a lot. This one has been on my wall for 8 or 9 months now, and it’s still enjoyable.


Hey Mister Jesse

The first thing I did after getting my ipod, was to go into and looked if there was any podcasts available. And what did I find, not one podcast, but two. There is the Yehoodi talkshow, which seems to be weekly talk about swing news, music, events and gossip.

The other podcast, Hey Mister Jesse, which is hosted by Jesse Miner, is issued once a month, and seems more focused on music. Jesse Miner is one of the leading swing dj’s around. His music collection is huge, and his knowledge is extensive. If you want some tips for buying good swing music, pick up your note book and listen to Hey Mister Jesse.


Harder to write on the subway

When I started this blog, I was taking a bus to work. Sitting on the bus was a quiet and comfortable time for me, which I used to write in my little notebook. Most of the things that ends up in this blog has been through the first draft in my notebook.

Now, after moving, the bus is not an option anymore. I have to take the subway. The subway is overcrowded, noisy and lacks the intimacy of the bus. I find it much harder to think. This morning however, I got up really early, and it helped. Much less crowded on the 0630 sub. I even got my camera out and took a couple of shots this morning.



In many activities, improvisation is considered to be one of the highest achievements. Given that it is performed well. It must not necessarily be related to art, but when I thought of this last night just before I fell a sleep, art was the subject. Jazz music more specifically. I really enjoy jazz music, and it is really refreshing to hear an impro on a theme you know well. Hear how a master of the art can change that feeling of a well known tune into something different.

So, how can I relate this to photography. How does improvisation look like, and who are the masters? Street photography springs to my mind. Especially when shooting people on the street, most of the process is about improvisation. I don’t think there is much choice. The alternative must be to just mindlessly press the shutter without any thought of what is in front of the camera. I guess everything involving living beings can be treated as improvisation. How about landscapes? I’m sure it can be applied to this kind of shooting as well, but I have to think a little bit more on the subject.

I think impro in photography may be a bit difficult to define. Musicians usually have a tune, something that is composed in a certain way, and they chose to interpret it different. Making images is different. In a sense, almost every picture is an improvisation, being created from something partly out of the photographers control.

Difficult to figure out. It is important to differentiate between real impro, and just accidentally releasing the shutter. It’s not about being unprepared, but deliberately get a result that surprises your audience.


Moved to a bigger apartment

We have just moved to a new and bigger apartment and the dust is starting to settle. Haven’t had much time either to take pictures or do web stuff lately, but now things are starting to clear up. Another week now, and I think most of the heavy work is done. I have just set up my computer in the new office, and the broad band connection is lightning fast. That’s obviously one of the upsides, 10Mb/s in both directions. I love it already.

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