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finally back on line

My web page has been partially down for a couple of days now. Suddenly, for no obvious reason, none of the images would display. I didn’t see anything wrong, but since my web host has a habit of making changes without telling too much about it, I suspected them. This time I mya have been wrong. My page got hijacked by some moderately competent hacker. He tried to take over one of my .htaccess files, but the message never came through since the file in question was buried in a private directory. The only visible effect was that my images disappeared. Very annoying, and hard to figure out. but now everything shuld be running smoothly again.

When I was at it, I also upgraded the system to the latest version of Drupal, which of course led to problems. So this Sunday has for most parts been spend on fixing and upgrading web software. A good thing it was raining and strong winds.


No pictures at all

For some reason that I can’t explain, non of the pictures on my web page is showing. Don’t know when exactly this happened, but it was after 22/10. I didn’t have anything to do with it, so it must either be my web hosting that screwed up, or some sort of hacker attack.
Hope to get it back online pretty soon.


More cooking under the sky

As it turned out, my back started to complain (again). First there was the long airtrip back from Mauritius, and then I got a cold which prevented me from exercise. All this meant that I didn’t want to sit too much in front of the computer after work, which again reduced the number of finished photos and the number of blog entries. Walking on the other hand is good, so today my wife and me went out for a long walk. We brought along our camping stove again (wedding present from one of my cousines) and the stuff you make “lapper” from. Don’t know the English word for it, but they are almost like small pancakes.

Making Making “lapper”

A batch is almost readyA batch is almost ready

Mia-Maria is enjoying her mealMia-Maria is enjoying her meal

Did I mention the blueberries you see at the bottom of the picture above. Hand picked in the same forest earlier this summer. Very tasty.

Even though the weather was a bit grey, the forest was at its best today. Great autumn colors.

The lake where we camped.The lake where we camped.


Breakfast at sunrise

Ducks on the misty lake.Ducks on the misty lake.

For about a week now I’ve been knocked out by a cold. Nothing serious, but still no more energy left when I came home for work. This morning I felt much better, so I decided to take an early walk, with breakfast in the forest. I brought along my camping stove, cooked an oatmeal breakfast and finished off with some tea. The breakfast was cooked while it was still dark, and as I ate, the sun started to rise. Very nice, I would recommend everyone to try it once in a while.

So here’s a couple of pictures for those of you who had breakfast in the kitchen today.

High power, thermonuclear oatmeal in the potHigh power, thermonuclear oatmeal in the pot

My camping stove burning bright and blueMy camping stove burning bright and blue

Ready to eatReady to eat


No more lens lust

During my honeymoon it just occurred to me that I haven’t wanted a new lens for quite some time. These days the 24-105mm is more or less permanently mounted on the camera, and that takes care of almost all my needs. Supplemented by a 17-40, a macro lens, a 50mm f/1.4 and a 200mm I got all the lenses I would ever need. Or actually more than I ever need. But lens lust, as most of you know, is not derived from actual necessity, it is an urge to get a new toy that will enable you to … well we don’t really know that, but it sure must be good. I don’t have that urge now. And not to get a better camera either.

A strange new experience for someone like me. Both me and my bank account hope that this state will last for a long time.


Back from honeymoon

So, the wedding went really well, and off to the island of Mauritius we went. We just came back yesterday from this fantastic vacation. Due to the nature of the trip, photography wasn’t my main concern, mostly snapshots from to document the trip, but there may be a keeper or two among them. I guess I will use the next couple of weeks to sort through the images.

Monday it’s back to work and no more special things to plan and prepare. Hopefully this will give me more time and energy to shoot and process images, as well as some more postings here. It’s really nice being a married man, but it sure was much work preparing it.

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