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Happy New Year

I’m going off line for a few days now, so this is the last chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Reaching up in the new year


Lost some pictures in the blog conversion

Unfortunately I have broken a few links to pictures. I will try to fix most of this in the coming weeks.


New year, new blog

After using Drupal for a couple of years now, it was time to move on. Drupal is a great system if you’re running a large community or news site, but way too labor intensive for a small site like mine. So now I have transfered my blog to WordPress, and converted my site to a static html/css design without any MySql and very little PHP.

My web site address is still

Blog address :

Blog feed :

(The old feed will still work for some time)


It is Christmas, and I’m thinking about web stuff (as usual)

It seems like every year around Christmas, I end up evaluating my web site. This year is no exception. For the last year or so, the Drupal installation has been kind of a uphill struggle for me. I’m not saying Drupal is bad, in fact I think it is a very good system, but it isn’t really suitable for a site like mine. many of the things I want to do gets very difficult. If I, on the other hand, wanted to host a community site with lots of authors and news flashing, Drupal would be a good match.

There are several things that annoy me.
– Blogging. The blog function in Drupal doesn’t make me jump up and down.
– Photo galleries. Extremely difficult to format them well, and the image import functions is a nightmare.
– File handling isn’t that good either
– And last. Every time some shit-for-brain hacker takes down my site, it’s really painful to bring it back on line again.

So what I want is to move the blog over to some hosting service, like, and create my other pages using a static page generation tool, like RapidWeaver. Then the blogging stuff would be hosted and backed up by someone else, and the static pages can be easily downloaded every time some dork hacks them.

The only real problem with this is to find a good way to export all my blog posts to WordPress. Not a trivial task.

We’ll see what happens, bit it won’t be tonight (obviously).

Merry Christmas


(inter)National Solo Photography Book Month (aka NaSoPhoBoMo)

Paul Butzi just started a discussion around organizing a (inter)National Solo Photography Book Month project. Read more about it in his blog here and here .

I find the idea very interesting. It can be fun to take part in such a challenge.

The idea is to declare one month where all the participants produce a photobook containing a minimum of, say 35 pictures. All the photographs must be taken within that time frame. The initial presentation could for instance take the form of a pdf book, and for the more daring, a self published book (lulu or something).

Looking forward to see how this goes.


White frost

IT’s been cold for a couple of weeks now, but hardly any snow. Not only has it been below freezing level, but it has also been quite humid, causing a lot of white frost to form on everything.

So today I went out with high hopesof some really nice winter shots. The light was magnificent. It was just a tiny bit foggy, with the sun just barely shining through. Very soft light, but still enough direction to make all the tine little details show. As usual in such conditions, I get a bit disappointed when I see the results. No doubt the photographic image does not make real justice to the reality. In a few days, I guess I will think better of some of the shots.

Still, there was one shot that immediately caught my eye. It was just one I shot as a warm up at the very beginning. Very different from all the other shots I made today.


Selecting the right media worked

Didn’t get around to follow up on my last post. I’ve been very busy lately, but I finally managed to try it out. I was not surprised to see that it actually did make a difference to set the right media. The Moab Entrada suddenly became a good alternative, especially if I want a more cold white paper base.

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