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Choosing equipment

Also one thing I have noticed while reading SoFoBoMo blog posts, is that many people have made a quite narrow choice of equipment. They have narrowed it down to one camera, one lens, one dog (that one I get), and even the one lens cap.

So, to join in on this I thought, why not make a post about it myself. Below you see a photo of my chosen equipment.

Well, not all of it. You don’t see the stuff hidden below the rim of the drawer, neither the camera and the lens I’m using. I don’t expect to use the drawer itself that much, neither the green plant, but the Cognac will probable see some use during processing and layout. I have made a strategic decision to keep the Cognac consumption on level with the ink consumption.


Some ice I shot last month

It’s a rainy day today. Perfect for looking through the archives. Found this one from last month.


SoFoBoMo, concerns

My only real concern about this project is to actually get enough decent pictures.


SoFoBoMo warmup exercise

It seems that a couple of the SoFoBoMo bloggers have put together some sort of test project, just to try out their workflow. Paul Lester did get some attention for his 2 hours and 15 minutes project, which seems to have calmed down the nerves of Paul Butzi. Pauls book was really nice, especially considering the time he spend on it. I skimmed through some of the blogs, and found that Colin Jago did a small warm up, and Rachel Barnsness is putting together a book now.

I also did the exercise with my 12 picture monthly folio last weekend, and it really cleared up all my concerns regarding the processing and layout of the book. I had already collected around 30 pictures to be considered, and it took me about 2 hours to do a final pick, process and put together the pdf. Another 6 hours and I had printed it all on Fine Art Pearl, made cover boards covered with decorative paper, cut out window for title and front page picture, and sewn the pages together into a hand made book.

When I posted about the monthly folio back here, I was ready to go to bed and didn’t find the time to post photos of the book, but here it is.

The prints, ready to be cut into pages. Note the black lines around them. I do that to cut the pages to exact size. When I prepare for print, I expand the canvas with white to the size I want plus 0.5mm in all four directions. then I expand the canvas another 0.5mm in all direction with black. When I cut, I place the ruler so it covers the black line, and the pages end up just the size I want them to be.

The front cover board. I covered some mat board with a decorative paper. Difficult to see on this photo, but there are some pattern in it. I used spraymount for this (3M Photo Mount). Not as good as wheat paste, but I avoided the curling due to tension in the paper. Much faster and easier. Then I cut out the windows with a mat cutter, and printed the front page picture and title on a paper with the exact same size as the cover board. This was glued to the back using spraymount, and the decorative paper was folded around the edges and attached, again with spraymount.

The pages was sewn with a fairly simple coptic technique, well suited for assembling single, non folded pages. The thread was linen, treated with bee wax.

And finally, the book is finished. This kind of binding allows the book to open completely flat, which is good with this kind of stiff paper. Note how the thread is attached to the pages. This is necessary since they are not folded into sections, like in ordinary books.

Don’t expect this to take 6 hours the first time around. This is probably the 7th or 8th book I have made this way.


mid print ink swap

I bought my first roll of paper today. 30cm wide premium luster. It won’t fit the excuse of a roll paper adapter I got with my R2400, but my plan was to cut the paper prior to printing for long panoramas. It works fine. If I wanted to use roll paper, I could quite easily build a roll holder that could live just behind my printer, but I probably won’t do that.

Anyway, as I was printing a 60cm panorama from Imageprint, the two of the black inks ran empty. I was expecting this as the lights was flashing, but I wanted to try out if swapping inks in the middle of a print was a success. The Epson driver seems to avoid this when printing cut sheet, but ImagePrint just churn out no matter what.

The operation did not go that well. Since the ink swapping of the R2400 involves pushing directly in the print head assembly, I guess things may get ever so slightly displaced. There was some banding after the swap.


printing, a personal status

I have owned, and heavily used my R2400 printer for the last two years now, and I have shown an more than healthy interest on the topic of printing. I would say I have gained quite good knowledge when it comes to printing digital photos. Most of that knowledge is in the form of thing you should not do. I have traveled up many a blind alley, and went back again, and as it is now I think my workflow is quite smooth.

It’s time to sum up (again).

  • Cotton rag vs. Air dried silver lookalikes: Well, I started out with the matt papers, and liked it a lot, but then came along the Fine Art Pearl, and I was sold. I resisted for a long time, trying to justify the cotton rag options, but why not admit it, the glossy surface wins every time for me. I’m just a sucker for the deep black. Haven’t tried the baryta variants yet, but I sure will buy some sample packs. So I guess the matte black will see less and less use.
  • Ink use: The tiny little ink cartridges are driving me crazy. When you run out on one, another is depleted in the cleaning session after you change, which may well deplete the next one. That is if you are unlucky and the almost empty ones line up. Better to change all that are almost depleted, but that wastes a lot of ink. I really need something with bigger ink tanks. The swapping between black doesn’t bother me, especially since I have given up the matte option.
  • Clogging: Haven’t seen much. This haven’t been an issue for me at all. I use my printer quite frequently, but even after a 4 week pause, the printer came back after just one small cleaning cycle.
  • Color management and pain related to that: Even if I am a very technically minded person, with an education that helps me understand the underlying theory, it is still painful. At least it is painful to get it to work. There are so many part that must play together. Forget one, and you’re paddling. The printing got screwed up when I upgraded to Leopard, and I decided that life was too short for this stuff. I went out and bought ImagePrint RIP. Such a happy decision.
  • Print size: I really don’t need to print larger. A2 would be nice, but not essential. It will be ink cost and management that will eventually drive me to a larger printer.
  • Cost: I just don’t think about it. As long as I have a good day time job, it is best to leave it alone. I always try to smile when I go to the store to buy more ink.

All in all, I’m a happy camper (printer) except for the ink cartridge. I think I’m in the marked for a new printer, I just have to think it through a bit more.

I must also figure out what to do with my inventory of matte paper. Maybe I should use it up on some hand bound book projects.


Montly folio, march edition

A bit early this month, but due to the Easter holiday, I had some time to spare.

This month the pictures are taken at a place down by the coast called Verdens Ende. The name can be translated to English, and means something like “The Worlds End”. The series contains 12 pictures this time, which is a bit more than I aimed for with the monthly folio project, but I have used it to check my work flow before the SoFoBoMo project. As usual, the series is published as a web gallery and a pdf gallery, and you’ll find it at this url.

I have also made an extra effort on the printed version this time. I created a one of a kind book, hand made out of single sheets, bound together using coptic sewing. You’ll find a couple of pictures of it on the last page of the pdf gallery. Please note that the pdf gallery is very large this time due to the number of pictures.

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