encounter of 3rd degree

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin Doonan (doonster blog) yesterday. Martin was coming home from one of his regular visits to Kristiansund or Stavanger, and made a stop when he passed Oslo.

I picked him up in the morning, and we spend the whole day in my usual forest. It was a baking sun from a clear sky, so the photography conditions was lousy, but it was a pleasant day for a walk. I was brave (or stupid) enough to guide us to a part of the forest I didn’t know, and eventually we got lost a couple of times trying to follow a track that simply disappeared. However, Martin was an excellent hiking comrade, polite and never turning to sarkasm when I lost my direction.

Even if the photography was not that good, we got the chance to discuss many things, both photography related and other stuff. The communication we do on these web channels gives a very limited view of the personalities, so it was very fun to finally meet one of the bloggers in person. I would highly recommend to try and set something up if you pass the neighborhood of some fellow blogger. And if you pass Oslo, do send me a message. I am happy to meet up for a chat and a coffee, or even a small expedition if I have the time for it.


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  1. May 11, 2008 at 21:33

    I’d echo those sentiments. Thanks for not getting worked up when I wandered off into the wilderness for ages.

    A good day out – it’s always nice to meet in person people you meet online.

    Hopefully I still managed to get a couple of good shots, find out when I get home tomorrow.

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