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Monthly folio for June

I’ve just finished the monthly folio for June 2008 called “Flowing Water”

You’ll find it here.

This one is a bit unusual for me in the way that all the photos are shot in one short session. Only 90 minutes was used on location, and the post processing has been kept to a minimum.


This is post number 297, write a comment here to enter my 300 posts aniversary lottery.


printer paper base tone

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote some posts about the base tone of paper.

Look here and here.

Or just have a look at my entire printer thread.

In one of these posts, I promised to make some tests on the different paper base tones, and I must say it confirmed my impression that the Harman Gloss is not as cold toned as many seems to think. Have a look at the picture below, and make up your own opinion which is warmer and which is colder, then have a look here and see which papers they are. You can also download a big psd file to see in you color managed viewer


Come one folks, do sign up for the print lottery. I actually do make rather nice prints, and after all, it’s free. This is post 296. Once post 300 is published, the entry closes.


big print lottery

For many reasons, I haven’t posted much lately, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on this blog. Besides being busy with day time jobs and different private stuff, I have had 2 print exchange proposals, which is executed on my part. Still waiting for both prints to arrive. I have also proposed a 3rd exchange, which will happen next week or something. If anyone else is interested, please let me know, I think it’s fun.

About the heading on this post. This post is number 295 on this blog. Soon I will have a nice round number, and being inspired by Nick Adams I thought, why not set up a print lottery to celebrate 300 posts. The winning prize is one of my photos printed on 11x14inch paper, shipped anywhere in the world.

What are the rules:

  • Open to anyone reading this blog.
  • Participate by writing a comment below. You MUST fill in the email address (will not be published)
  • The lottery closes at the exact time I publish blog post number 300, whenever that may happen.
  • The draw is made by me. You just have to trust me on that one.
  • The winner is contacted on email for shipping details.
  • The winner muust choose one of my photos published on my web page, either in the gallery section or in the monthly folio section. Other pictures that appear in my blog, or other places onĀ  the web pages may or may not be printed, just ask.

So … don’t be shy. You don’t have to be regular reader. If this is your first comment in my blog, that’s perfectly ok.


PS. if you read this from the front page, you have to click on the headline to write a comment.


the accessories makes the big difference

Just read from the front page of the biggest camera store in Oslo. The quote is translated by me:

Good camera, but not that good pictures?

To own a camera with many megapixels and a standard lens doesn’t necessarily make you a better photographer. Often the accessories makes the big difference ….

I just found it a bit amusing.


skidmarks on my prints

Lately I’ve been plagued by some suspicious marks when I print on th Harman Gloss. They run parallel with the paper feed, so head strikes was out of the question. It wasn’t pizza wheel marks either. I’ve seen those on the Fine Art Pearl, and I know what they look like. It looked more like one of the pizza wheel rollers were skidding in the areas with heavy ink, streaking the image. I tried different solutions to the problem.

  1. Increase drying time between passes. Helped a bit, but not nearly enough.
  2. Used 1440dpi instead of 2880dpi. This put down slightly less ink, which also helped a bit.
  3. Looking long and hard into the printer, even with a flashlight. Didn’t help at all.

So today, I thought I would try a more bold solution. I had identified the little roller that caused all this misery, and using a instrument screw diver and a small plier, I managed to poke out the spring that held it in place and removed it. But when I made a print, suddenly the roller next to it was making marks instead, probably due to the increased load from the slightly curled paper. I decided to install the roller again, and after 5 minutes of fiddling, it was back in place. Next print, no marks at all. I guess the roller was just not rolling as freely as it should, and my poking around had loosened it up.

Just for the record. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone. I am quite handy with small mechanical and electronic devices, and I am a professional. I know how to handle electronics without damaging it. If you put your fingers down in your printer, it is a fair chance you will break it, and then you have to sned to the shop for expensive repair.


back from the sailing race

We had a great weekend sailing. The race started at friday at 2pm. We had just a short 30 minutes period without wind just after start, and then it was strong and steady the rest of the race. Lots of hard work, but great fun. We finished at around 430am on Saturday morning after 14hours 30minutes at sea. I guess you won’t be surprised to hear that we slept very well that morning. I didn’t find time to shoot more than 5-6 exposures the whole trip. I was constantly busy during the race, and after the race I was just too tired. We were just 3 people on the boat, so there was no room for rest.


life with a big L

I’m talking about the L-plate from Really Right Stuff of course.

Two days ago, I decided to go to a stream I had made a mental note of almost two years ago. It’s not far away, but I need to get into the car and drive for 20 minutes to get there. The mini project was to spend 90 minutes at a small part of the stream and produce enough pictures to fill the next monthly foilo. That means at least 3 decent pictures. My goal was to get 5-7 presentable ones. Anyway, more on that later.

While I was shooting, I had my first real working experience with the really right stuff equipment I got 2 weeks ago. This won’t be a review, but I must tell you, if you don’t own a L-plate for your camera, you should. You need one, you just don’t know it yet. And while you’re at it, if your ball head is a cheap flimsy one like my old manfrotto, you need a new ball head too. Like the RRS BH-40. This stuff is absolutely marvelous. I also have the single row pano kit (pano head and nodal point rail), and the macro focusing rail. All of it is equally nice. After using the ball head and L-plate, I just don’t understand how I managed without.

It’s been few posts lately, and this will probably go on for a while longer. I just don’t have much to say. Today I’m off sailing for the weekend. I’m crewing in a sailing race. Lots of fun.

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