protective spray, first impression

I just bought the Hahnemuhle protective spray to use on some matt prints. I love to hang prints in my own home without glass, especially the matt papers, and I thought I would give the protective spray a go. I can’t say anything on longivety, have to trust the bright folks at HM there, but I can tell a couple of things about its practical use and the result.

I haven’t got that much experience yet, but enough to write a couple of lines.

First of all, the advertisement says “Odorless”!! That is just b..sh..t. It stinks, so go outside to spray.

On PhotoRag, the result is very nice. It makes the black sink in just a tiny bit more, and it doesn’t seem to change the colors of the image. I haven’t done any extensive side by side tests, but then I don’t do product shots either.

On Fine Art Pearl it smooth of the gloss differential ever so slightly, but not completely. At least no if you stick with light coats. Apart from that, it doesn’t alter the surface that much. Well, the image gives a slightly more glossy impression since the highlights are a bit more glossy.

Harman Gloss FBAL – Just forget it. that is, unless you whished the paper looked more like luster. The spray completely ruins the marvelous surface of the paper. It does however reduce the bronzing of the blue colors I was complaining about recently.

I think I will stick to using it for matt paper only. Both for hanging pictures, and for inlayed pictures on book covers and portfolio cases. Make sure that the print is completely free of particles before you spray or it will get glued to the surface.


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