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I still haven’t settled on my input sharpening, mostly due to lack of time for experimenting. I’ve read a couple of small articles on the subject, but it seems that most don’t really know what their talking about. The main problem is the “Detail” slider. One thing is to just fiddle with the sliders until it looks about right, but I want a systematic approach to it. A way to quickly set the sliders very close to the optimum. If I just turn “Detail” to 100%, I have a pretty good method for the others.

Anyway, I was doing some quick processing of some recent takes when the grid in the cropping tool suddenly disappeared. Things like this happens from time to time if I accidentally press some button. The good thing is that I then learn a keyboard shortcut in order to fix it again.

The shortcut in question is the letter “O”. Press this when in crop mode, and you’ll toggle through a series of different grid overlays. Some of them are not¬†symmetrical, and those can be flipped around by pressing Shift-O. Still haven’t figured out how I turn it off, but I like it on, so I don’t bother.


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