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down by the river

But no shots of water.

I had a nice little stroll down by the river today. Shot some details on buildings and bridges.

and remember, they will get bigger if you click on them.

I had a “George Barr” moment (1) when I crawled under a bridge, which resulted in this shot of a bridge foundation.

(1)  The urge to shoot rusty metal structures.


Lightroom slowdown

It’s been a while since I last did some Lightroom work now. Since then, version 2.3 has arrived.

This evening I sat down to process some shots I made down by the waterfront today. I did some basic adjustments, and then one single gradient before I decided to tweak the sharpness be bit.

Bad idea!!

It seems like Lightroom is unable to response to the sharpness sliders when there is a gradient in the stack. I haven’t tried it with local editing, but I expect similar behavior. The strange thing is that it doesn’t really consume CPU or RAM while doing this, and if it did, I have loads of both. It looks more like the gradient makes the software prone to napping. It’s just slow for no good reason. I mean, if it slowed down due to the intense calculations needed to process the gradient I could understand. It seems like it’s just some very poor quality programming, like Adobe goofed. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last, but I hate it every time.

Just some left behind bananas.


The picture of the rotten bananas was not meant to be illustrative, it was just a lucky coincident. LightRoom, like bananas, are quite good, but not when it has turned bad.


BBQ season just started

The temperature is above freezing level, and the barbecue season is on.


feedburner – BURN!!!

Man I hate feedburner. Once again that lousy service has failed me, and I have no idea why. This time I’m off for good. I’m not really sure why I tried it again. After all, I don’t make any money on advertising, which is the only reason I can see to go there. The stats are fun for a while, but after a couple of weeks you get tired of that too.

So if I ever start to talk about feedburner again, please flame me with comments.

if you want a feed that acutally works. Please use

Or click on one of the links in the right menu.

If you use the feedburner link, please change it, even if it seems to work. I will end my account there in a couple of weeks.


Participating on photo sites

I just found a site called Onexposure, and at first glance it seemed quite interesting. It’s a photo sharing site where you upload pictures, but unlike most others, the contributions are screened before they are allowed to get published. I was a bit bored last night, so I signed up and submitted my alotted 3 pictures for review. To my surprise, they were reviewed this morning, and not that surprising, they were all rejected. I’m not really dissapointed since I didn’t plan to submit more pictures. It was just an experiment to see if I would have a chance, and to test the response time of the screening.

Some time ago I decided not to participate on any such sites for a couple of reasons. First of all, the feedback you get is rarely of any value. The people writing comments are mostly there to draw attention to themselves, and the only motivation for writing is to make someone else post a comment to your own photos. Then there is the urge to comply with the accepted style for the site. If you submit to a site like this, you’d be fooling yourself if you say you don’t care about comments. You want appraisal of your peers, and inevitabely you will change your photography style to match.

All said, I think the quality to the photos on Onexposure was higher than usual, which I guess is due to the screening. I will probably spend some time browsing through the pictures, and maybe find some inspiration. Since many of the photos on the site is post processed quite heavy handed, I will probably find some Photoshop inspiration there.

Its been a quiet month now. I’m in a serious dry rut right now, and it is one that I really don’t feel like fighting. I just use to wind down for the big happening that is due any time between now and mid April. I may post some more before that, but I make no promises. Oh, and I got a package from Australia this morning. It’s waiting at the post office, and I’ll pick it up tomorrow. Maybe it’s a print from Robert 🙂

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