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Straws in a lake

A fairly new one shot with my Pentax K-7 and the DA70mm Ltd.


Do you hate Flash? Here's a solution

If you’re a Mac and Safari user, you can download the ClickToFlash plugin and block all flash content. Ok, you may say, how about just not installing Flash in the first place? That’s of course effective, but there are some good pages made using Flash you may want to see. This plugin replaces all the Flash content with grey boxes with a “Flash” label in them. If you click on the label, the content is played. You can also add a whitelist of pages that are allowed to play Flash as usual.

If you use YouTube, this plugin also gives you the choice of viewing the videos in high quality H264, HD format instead of the crappy default format (which is flash based).

You can also read more at AppleInsider.

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