If you are a photographer and like my work, I would love to swap prints with you. Please send me a mail telling me what you want. In return I would like to pick some of your work.

Since I will send you prints of high quality, I would appreciate to get something similar in return. By high quality I mean prints on a decent photo paper by fairly archival ink, preferably pigment. Epson enhanced matte, luster or something similar will do perfectly fine, office printer paper won’t. Anything from a darkroom is also fine. I would suggest keeping the size to A4/letter to keep postage and handling at a decent level, but I am open for suggestions.

Write a comment on this page if you have a suggestion, or write me an email if you’re shy. You’ll find the email address in the footer of my web page.

2 Responses to “Print swapping”

  1. December 19, 2008 at 16:39


    “Print swapping”, great concept, hope it catches on.

    Image swapping is more my style, as electronic display seems to be my medium of choice. On my flickr site everything is full resolution. WordPress the images are HD screen size, only to conserve the 3Gbyte limit.

    I find nothing ever is done, just a “Work in Progress”.

    By the way I hate that word “work”, it seems to lead to connotations of professionalism. Rather it should be something like “Joy in Progress”.

    By the way, great blog.


  2. December 19, 2008 at 17:14

    oh, it do catch on.
    I have swapped a bunch of prints already, and there are several photographers around the world that I do regular swaps with. I have no problems seeing why you may prefer electronic display (apart from the extra hassle it is to print). Viewing on screen has some very different, and in some cases better qualities than prints.I enjoy both very much.

    Thanks for your comments, glad you like my blog. I’ll drop by your site some day during the holiday to see what’s there.

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