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print swapping

A couple of weeks back, Eric Jeschke and I started a print swap. I sent him this shot


and I got this one back, called “Evening Swim“.

It was a really nice picture contrasting the action of kids having fun jumping into the water with the calm mood of the sunset. It was also printed well.

I’ve been doing these swaps for a while now, and I’m starting to accumulate a stack of prints from different people. No doubt the technical quality varies, but they are all a joy to own, and I’m starting to learn more and more from this. First of all, don’t ever underestimate the kind of abuse the postal service will do to your envelope. Sturdy packing is essential, even if it is a bit more expensive to ship due to weight. The important thing is how they work as a reference to measure my own effort against. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys the printed image, and want to improve their own skills.


Another print swap

Just got a bunch of prints from Les R. He doesn’t have a web page (yet??), so I can’t link to the pictures.

In my previous swaps we have always looked through each others pictures and chosen one that we liked, which is printed and mailed. This time, only Les did that with my pictures, and I send him one of this. Since I had no way of looking at his pictures in advance, I told him to send me one of his favourites, but he obviously wanted to make sure that I got one I liked, so he send a small stack. And it paid off. Among those prints, I found a couple I liked very well.

I guess my print is still in transit.


one more print exchange

This one is really long overdue, but why not, it still deserves to be mentioned.

A couple of years ago, I made a print exchange with Doug Stockdale, which later has become almost a celebrity. Published in Lenswork, writing a highly regarded blog, and recently published a book. In this exchange, I managed to lay hands on a magnificent print of the Pt. Lobos Ice Plant that I regularly pull out and look at.

The reason I’m writing this now, so long after the fact is that I would add Doug to the my little recommendation list as well. Don’t be afraid to ask him, he is really nice. I made my first comment in his blog, regarding the above picture when he suggested the exchange. Here he has some info regarding how he does exchanges.

Also, I will try and ramp up my own exchange activity, being more active and contact photographers around the web.

The last reason I write this post right now is that I wanted to put and end to…. you know …



To all who missed it, I might do it again when I reach 500, who knows. The winner will be announced in a couple of minutes, I’ll just have to find a hat and write some names on paper notes.


Got my print from down under

Just got my print from Robert, and it was really nice.

A funny little scene that can tell a whole lot of stories, and with a both famous and beautiful backdrop.

If you visit his blog, you can see the photo I sent him.

Robert was a really nice guy to exchange prints with. Highly recomended. I would, quite modestly of course, recommend myself as well, it’s fun, and you get nice prints from all over the world.

An last:


This is post number 299. When I publish my next post, it will be too late. All you have to do is write a comment here, and you may win a nice print of your choice from my web page. Free shipping anywhere in the world. I guess you will have around one more day to enter, depending on when I find the inspiration to write another post.

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